Everybody wants a boat

One of the toys almost every guy wants, at least if he lives near a body of water, is a boat. A boat, even a small thing that can accommodate only two or three people, can facilitate a great weekend out on the lake relaxing, drinking some beer, and fishing. As long as you can afford the marina fees and upkeep, a boat gives you a place to get away from the stress of everyday life.

However, the discriminating guy, with a little more money than most and a lot more imagination than many, wants a pontoon boat. The reason you want a pontoon boat is that the deck is wide enough to have a party on it. Indeed, the kinds of accessories you can get for a pontoon boat will give you the ability to throw a party on the water and impress your friends, business clients, wife, and/or girlfriend.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to take a pontoon boat out where the water might get choppy. You will have to confine your conspicuous consumption to a lake or an enclosed bay.

Accessorizing the pontoon boat

Of course, accessories are going to boost the cost of your pontoon boat, but they will also enhance its impressiveness. A quick look at Overton’s, Wholesale Marine, and Betterboat gives a great idea of what’s available, including:

  1. Wet bar
  2. Propane barbecue
  3. Fire pit
  4. Inflatable slide
  5. Couches
  6. Underdeck lighting
  7. Diving board
  8. Ladder
  9. Pontoon bimini (to keep out the rain)
  10. Cup holders

You are well advised to get all the accessories your pocketbook will bear. It is better to have and not need than to need and not have, after all.

How do you get your hands on the most expensive pontoon boat you can find?

What constitutes the most expensive pontoon boat depends on where you live and what body of water you happen to be nearby. A quick look at a dealer called Avalon: The Art of the Pontoon has some real beauties, including the Excalibur:

Avalon’s newest model and flagship of our Master series. This boat features luxury at every turn from the Medallion touch screen dash to the Waveglider Performance Package. This boat is guaranteed to excite even the most discerning boater.

A lot of the accessories mentioned above, such as furnishings, come standard, as they had better for the $111,000 starting price. The party area near the bow is a bit intimate, just large enough for you and a friend and a couple more people in the stern. It’s a perfect boat to take a special someone to be alone with out on the water.

For taking more people out, try an Ambassador Quad Lounge which has a slightly larger deck. This model only starts at $91,000.

Which type of pontoon boat you shell out for depends on your needs, whether it’s to have an exotic place to hook up or to have a fishing party with your best friends. They are a bit costly, but what price can you put on impressing your friends and displaying the fruits of your labor, or perhaps your trust fund?