Have you ever found yourself back at your home after a weekend hike or camping trip and wondered, “how can I bring that natural environment to my interior decor? How can the peace and comfort of the outdoors be a part of my home?”

You might be reminiscing on the beautiful greenery, the flowers, the sights and sounds, and even the soothing effects of natural light and falling asleep without blue fluorescent lights and with the rhythm of nature’s clock. But there’s no need to worry. There are interior design lessons that you can both learn from nature, and implement at your home to bring some much needed peace and comfort to create a natural home decor. Here’s how:

The Things To Do

Start by Using Nature as Decorations

The natural elements that attract you to the outdoors don’t have to stay outdoors, you can bring them inside. Items like leaves, stones, twigs, and of course flowers, are useful tools for decoration.

Whether you want to create a rock garden, lighten up the home with flowers, or use acorns and twigs for entryways, the options are nearly limitless. One easy thing to add starts right at the front door. Hanging a wreath can add a simple natural decor to your entryways, bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors. Explore taking more pieces of nature and adding them throughout your house to expand from the front door to the rest of the home.

The Home Should Have Natural Colors

One of the reasons why people are so pleased with nature is because they experience the colors and lights of the natural world. These natural colors can have a dramatic effect on your mood.

The color green is a color that naturally provides rest and calm for humans, while pastels create relaxing energy, and bright colors cause excitement in the entire home. Perhaps add an accent wall with paint, or maybe throw pillows to bring a pop of color during the season. Use these colors in the home to make it feel natural.

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Invite the Sun and Natural World

Once you’ve taken the step of placing natural colors in your home, go one step further by embracing natural lights. Using bright and vibrant window blinds and decorations leading to windows, you can make the home appear very natural.

Open the windows and let the bright lights in. Avoid using fluorescent light bulbs that can cause anxiety and keep you up at night. At night, using warmer light bulbs that dim give your eyes a rest, and give rooms a more natural feeling.

Embrace the Details

In nature, every small detail matters. The smallest parts of the natural world contribute to the entire ecosystem to allow the system to operate. By embracing this same concept in your home, you can add unique and pleasant details.

It may be as something as a small hook near the entranceway, but this hook will impact the overall quality and experience in the home for both homeowners and visitors. 

Be Simple and Don’t Over Decorate

Though nature is extremely complex, many times it is extremely simple. Follow this example and make the home a simple space. Don’t over decorate or fill the room with too much furniture, gadgets, et cetera.

This indulgence in more will make the home feel over-cluttered, and it will complicate your life when it comes to moving. Embrace the idea that less is more. Especially in the home. You’ll feel less stressed by how much you own.

How About Some Change?

Nature doesn’t stay stagnant. The four seasons showcase the changing and differences that can be seen in nature. Why shouldn’t our home be the same? We all know that things can become rather stale if they are always the same, so let’s change it up!

Try rearranging furniture, replacing old furniture with new items. Even changing the books on the coffee table or other small details can change the entire feel of the home. Experiment and see how you can change the mood with some change.

As Nature Changes, So Should Your Home

If natural cycles are changing, why isn’t your home? Don’t leave your home the same year round. Change the decor as the seasons change. This will make you feel more in tune with the natural world, and the home will fit the comfort needed for each season.

If it’s cold outside, warm up the home with rugs, big blankets, simple white candles, and other accessories to warm up the home. If the summer has arrived, light up the room with transparent curtains, open blinds, and add some flowers and other summer-related accessories. You’ll be more than glad you’re home matches the season.

Plan and Decorate With Purpose

Everything in nature has a plan. The seasons, the way bodies of water flow into each other, and even the purpose for the various plants and animals that make up wild-life. Implement the same strategy with your home.

Have a purpose for where you place furniture, televisions, dining tables, and all other materials that will affect both your guests and family. If items aren’t placed in logical places, this could cause unnecessary stress and frustration in the home. The more functional and well-designed your home is, the more pleasant time you will have while you are there.

Natural Elements May Save You Money

Many natural decorating tools are less expensive than other alternatives. Picking nearby flowers or rocks will save you from purchases at stores.

Applying the strategies listed above of remaining simple and having a purpose may help you realize unique ways you can use your natural resources to decorate. Don’t underestimate the impact picking a flower from your yard can have on your home.

Natural Products are Durable

One of the pros of choosing natural items to decorate is that they usually last much longer. Items like marble, wood, metals and clay are all strong durable. They have the ability to sustain themselves despite water, and throughout various forms of wear and tear.

This means that these items are useful for families who have small children, frequent guests, or who often struggle with materials wearing down on them too soon.

Take Some of the Decorating Outside

The new changes don’t only have to happen inside, but they can happen outdoors too. Planting trees, taking care of the lawn, or even adding new furniture or a fire pit can change the way you interact with the outside of the home.

Some changes will be costly, but you can explore minimal additions to get the family to participate more outside and enjoy the fresh air and comforts provided.

A Few Items to Consider

We can’t provide you with a guide to decorating the home using nature without including some of the natural tools that can be used.

These devices vary, and you may enjoy certain options more than others, but here are some options: fur, antlers, flowers, cotton, trunk sections, twisted branches, seashells, agate, potted plants, stove poufs, pine cones, leaves, and many more. There are a number of other natural options that we did not mention, but these are a great place to start.

The Takeaway

No matter where you are, how you live, or what your preferred natural aesthetic is, there’s an option that will fit your needs. Whether you want to make the home feel as cozy as the mountains and implement woods, browns, and acorns, or if you want to bring some of the natural elements of the beach to your home, there is an option for you.

And the bonus is, decorating is a lot of fun. This is fun for the whole family and even guests who visit the home and see the new changes. Don’t underestimate the impact that decorating can have on your mood, how you interact with the home, or how likely people are to swing by to say hello.