A lot of luxury items are just to show off, but listen: If you spend a little extra on a mattress, you'll live longer. A good night's sleep is everything. If you get a full eight hours with no interruptions, you feel better, you're healthier, old injuries seem to heal up on their own. A good mattress is as close as you're going to get to a fountain of youth. So whether or not you feel like spending the extra clamshells to get one of the mattresses we discuss below, do yourself a favor and replace that dusty old twin mattress with something nice. You'll thank yourself in the morning.

So now that we've established that a pricey mattress is absolutely worth it, what are the most expensive mattresses in the world? Well perhaps the most astonishingly expensive would be the custom made mattresses produced by...


Kluft mattresses offer basic mattresses that will run you a few grand just for the standard model. But the real value with a Kluft comes when you custom order a mattress. The brand makes custom-tailored mattresses for celebrities and royalty going up to sixty thousand, even a hundred and forty thousand dollars. These are mattresses made with special materials like rare furs and so on. These options don't really make the mattress any better on a functional level, but they definitely bring the elegance of the brand up a few extra points by including things like:

  • Mink
  • Cashmere
  • Suede trim
  • Egyptian cotton

If you're used to picking up some twenty dollar flop house mat from a thrift store any time you need a new bed, it can be shocking to find that some people own mattresses that are worth more than a handmade Italian sports car. Truth be told, however, the best mattresses are really the simple ones. All that fur and silk is nice and everything, but when you're fast asleep, who cares?

If you want the utmost in design without all the bells and whistles, you're probably looking for a...

Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress

The Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress is one of the pricier everyday mattresses available at around sixteen hundred bucks. A mere fraction of what Kluft's priciest models go for, but about as good as any mattress available where it counts: The comfort. If you could sleep on a cloud, it would feel just like this. The mattress uses an eight layer system with a Cashmere Blend, encased coils and specially engineered high density foams. It even uses a ventilated cooling system to keep you from waking up all sweaty.

Do You Need A Pricey Mattress?

Here's the short answer:


Maybe you don't need to save up a year's salary to buy a mattress, but... maybe a month's income will do the trick? Sure, at six figures you're buying the brand name more than the comfort, but if you're spending less than five hundred bucks on a mattress, you're not getting the most out of every night. Once you've slept on a high-end mattress it's very hard to go back to the same old mats that feel like a well-beaten pillow stuffed into a potato sack.

Before you spend extra on a car, before you spend extra on an HDTV or a vape mod or a motorcycle, we recommend putting a few extra bucks into your mattress. Think of it as an investment: When you start sleeping on a great mattress, you'll be sharper, smarter and more energetic every morning. That means you'll be better at your job, and you'll get a promotion, and within a month you'll probably have earned yourself a bonus to the tune of three times what you spent on the mattress.