What is a chair for?

To put it simply, a chair is a place for you to sit down. Ideally, it should be as comfortable as possible, or at least not give you back or neck pain. The ideal chair should not hurt your posterior and should be big enough to slouch in while you’re raising your cholesterol by eating chips while lowering your intelligence by binge watching something on Netflix.

Some chairs, such as the ones around the dining room table, are designed to not be too comfortable. That way you are more likely to sit up straight as your parents doubtless told you to, provided that you lived in a family that had time for sit-down meals at the end of the day.

The most expensive chairs are likely royal thrones

The most expensive chairs in the world are likely royal thrones. Their value is not only derived from the materials that went into their construction, but the history that they represent. Vogie lists some of the more famous royal thrones still in existence,

  1. The Coronation Chair of England – 600 years old and currently residing in Westminster Abbey.
  2. The Throne Chair of Denmark – thought at one time to be made from unicorn horns, which was obviously a fable.
  3. The Takamikura Throne of Japan – a 31 foot-tall lacquered chair topped by a statue of a phoenix
  4. St. George’s Hall Throne of Russia – currently residing in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.
  5. The Dragon Throne of China – located in the Hall of Supreme Harmony in Beijing’s Forbidden City.
  6. The Dalai Lama’s Norbulinka Palace Throne of Tibet – a very opulent chair indeed for the most famous Buddhist cleric in the world.

The one common feature of all of these seats is that they make that dining room chair seem positively plush by comparison. Monarchs are supposed to sit up straight while they are addressing their subjects. Slouching takes away the “majesty” in “your majesty.” Also, no one has ever appraised the value of any of these royal thrones. They are literally priceless. Even if you were to get your hands on one of them, good luck finding a buyer.

What is the most expensive chair in the world that you could actually own?

The Skull Chair is as unique as it is expensive.  Considered a work of modern-day art and highly professional styling, this chair caused a sensation when it debuted in 2017 and has garnered a ton of attention across the web with its diamond-faceted exterior seat backs and sides, and a soft velvet interior seating section.

Of course, plenty of very pricey chairs can be yours if you have a great amount of money and a great lack of common sense. The winner for most expensive chair in the world that is actually on the market is listed by Octane Seating.

By that description, the Skull Chair seems to have done the Iron Throne one better in its grotesqueness. You need to be sure to have a secure house with an alarm system and an onsite armed security guard to make certain no one makes away with your acquisition. The Skull Chair can be yours for a cool $500,000.