Stylish and Ridiculous

Upon further review, we have concluded that these Ferragamo "work" boots are more for standing around looking rugged.

The winner for the most expensive work boot has got to be the Ferragamo Suede Work Boot that is listed for sale at Neiman Marcus for a cool $895. Although in this context, we feel like the term work boot should be altered to "work" boot, yes? These boots are heavy on style and light on actual features that would help someone, you know, in a work situation.

We have nothing against hard work and believe that there is a certain allure to manual labor!

A Work Boot That Looks Great and Actually, You Know, Works

If you sincerely need a boot that will protect your feet while you work, head on over to the charming and informative site known as Work Boot Critic, it is exactly as you would imagine a site with that name would be! They have the lowdown on all the specs of the best work boots across a pretty broad price range. Anyone who is looking for a functional boot that offers a high level of protection will definitely find what they need here. WBC gives a great rundown on features to look for while choosing a versatile, stylish, and SAFE work boot:

  • Steel toes
  • Gel inserts
  • Rubber soles
  • Reinforced uppers
  • Ankle support
  • Not an eyesore

Certain situations do call for form to follow function in the footwear department, and any type of job site with heavy equipment and the like absolutely falls into this category!

Workers Gotta Work

Red Wing is a great American brand that delivers in the style and work departments! The Iron Ranger Workboot (who does not love that name?!) has everything that you could require from a sturdy and protective work boot:

  • Double layer leather toe cap
  • Steel shank
  • Chrome hardware and speed hooks
  • Leather heel pocket
  • Goodyear welting
  • Nitrile cork sole
  • Super cool retro styling

For a fraction of the cost of the Ferragamo "work" boot, the Red Wing offers a high level of quality, American durability, and won't break the bank at under $350. If you must work, please do us all a favor and work in durable style. Yes, there are many reasons to work in a position that requires actual work boots, but there is absolutely no excuse to strap any old ugly boot on to your feet! We believe that work-appropriate footwear need not be of the clunky and hideous nature, and there are plenty of functional boots that won't have you kicked out of your favorite louche lounge if you pop in for a post-work bevvie. 

Of course, if you are the owner's son or nephew and you are just showing up at the work site to stroll around with a clipboard in your hand while you try to look officious, by all means, you should be sporting those Ferragamos. Just don't blame us if you have to actually do some work *shudder* and ruin your $895 boots made of Ferragamo goodness.

Do you have some pricey work boots? Tell us all about it over Twitter or drop us a line. Until next time!