No matter what kind of watch you have, the prestige of it is probably important to you. Rolex comes to mind, along with some of the other top brands. But Seiko? Really? Yes, really. There are a number of Seiko watches that are very expensive -- at least for a given definition of "expensive." Among the highest end models are those that are called Grand Seiko. There aren't a lot of them. Only a handful of models for 2017, and two for 2018, so far. But they are the epitome of craftsmanship, allegedly, and they provide the owner with a high quality timekeeping experience. Also, they're pretty. But are they worth it? Why should you buy one? Well, there are actually some really good reasons to do so.

You Need a Ridiculously Expensive Seiko Watch, Apparently

Most people don't think about Seiko being a costly watch. They think of the company as more middle-of-the-road when it comes to price. But they might be wrong about that, if they look at costly in a more realistic way. Something doesn't have to cost hundreds of thousands (or even a few thousand) for plenty of people to think it costs a lot of money.

And the company is working on making their watches look and feel even better on the wrist. With a "high" price that's actually lower than most other types of "expensive" watches, Seiko is continuing to stay established as a valuable and important brand.

It Costs How Much, Again? Good Question!

The main problem with the most expensive Seiko watch is you don't know what that means! No one does, if they only look around quickly online. There are people talking about how many dollars or euros they have to spend, but when you visit the Grand Seiko website there just aren't any prices listed. At all. It's a mystery. If you have to ask, you can't afford it? Maybe. Or maybe Seiko just wants you to take yourself down to one of their brick-and-mortar retailers and actually try on their Grand Seiko and other Seiko models yourself. That can give you a much better idea of which one you like best. Other sites list popular Grand Seiko models anywhere between $750 and $55,000, depending on the exact watch model -- with $55,000 being typically seen as the most expensive. Just remember that Seiko:

  1. Often isn't as expensive as many other brands, when comparing quality
  2. Has an established reputation you can count on
  3. Will last, and is known for being a durable, quality watch
  4. Can net you some prestige with the way it looks, with plenty of options available
  5. Is going to feel good on your wrist, with solid, comfortable weight that's not actually heavy

Yep, That's Why It's Worth It!

For those five reasons and a lot more, Seiko's most expensive watch (and all of their lower-priced ones, too), is totally worth the money. Don't be afraid to spend a little bit extra on that Grand Seiko, and don't let the no-prices-listed website scare you away. Head on down to a local store that carries the brand, and start looking at what great options you can get for the money. You'll be so glad you did, when you come away with a beautiful Seiko on your wrist.