How Does Your Recliner Measure Up

The recliner is many people’s favorite place in their house. Judging by how many times my dad yelled at the dog growing up for being on the recliner, it was the dog’s favorite place too. When you think of recliners, a specific vision comes to mind. There isn’t a lot of variance in recliners when you shop for them at the stores besides the materials used and their color, right? You may be surprised to know that there are some rather expensive chairs out there that you have probably never dreamed of before. I mean, why would you be sitting around thinking about opulent recliners?

I’m just a lazy boy. I’d rather sit in my recliner and act. John Goodman

I think my favorite of the most expensive recliners in the world is the ZeroG 4.0 Immersion Seating Massage Chair made by Human Touch. This chair has just about every feature you could possibly imagine in a recliner, I actually tried to see if it would do my taxes for me, but it doesn’t do that…yet. Here are some of the most comfortable and elegant options afforded by the Human Touch ZeroG 4.0 Immersion Massage Chair.

ZeroG 4.0 Features

  1. 3D Massage Motor – Experience the penetrating power of the chair’s 3D motor . It will loosen up the areas of your body that have the most tension. You can even customize the massage experience exactly to your liking thanks to its 4 different settings. I’m not sure who you trust most when it comes to your back, but I trust chiropractors, and that’s exactly who designed this chair
  2. Not only will it massage your back, the chair also has extended massagers dedicated to your feet and calves as well. You never know how must tension you carry in those areas of your body until you have them massaged.
  3. The reclining motion is ergonomically designed to be as comfortable as possible when you are in the recline position. It is also easier to get in and out of than a Honda Civic.
  4. On top of the massager, the ZeroG 4.0 has a programmable heating function, so you can set the heat exactly how you like it. It’s easy to change and reprogram too.
  5. The leather upholstery is the finest in the industry.

Change the Way You Recline

As you can see, this recliner offers just about everything you could want in a comfortable chair. It even comes in multiple colors and has extended features and options you can add. It’s safe to say, if you purchase this recliner, you probably won’t be buying another again for years. Think of it as an investment in your body and a great way to fall asleep every time you try to watch a movie. Some say it’s almost too comfortable and the chair can be yours for the low price of just $2,799.