Why are Oakley Sunglasses So Popular?

Oakley eyewear are specifically designed to serve the demands of professional athletes and, of course, to act as fashion statements for really cool dudes and dudettes. Oakley sunglasses are known to have:

  1. Tremendous flexibility which allows their frames to absorb a significant impact without breaking 
  2. Light-weight materials for comfort when hanging out
  3. Optical alignment to maximize sharpness when shooting hoops
  4. Geometries that extend one's peripheral view, which is good, right?

Oakley Plutonium Lenses are capable of blocking all ultrviolet wavelengths (i.e. radiation, ouch) and all harmful blue light (upwards of 400 nanometers, huh) generated by the thermonuclear furnace of our sun. In other words, Oakleys are ridiculously effective in stopping glare. And for those of you who tend to scratch their sunglass lenses, the materials used in Oakley lenses cannot scratch off - EVER.

Oakley eyewear fuses optical innovation with the art of looking cool.

So, are you in the market for the most expensive Oakleys ever made? Would you like to know how much they cost? Sorry, if you have to ask the price you probably can't afford them.

The Most Expensive Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley's Elite C Six has a serious price tag of $4,000. And because the Oakley's performance sunglass are unique and truly hard to find, you might just find them on display in a museum or being used as a conversation starter during the cocktail hour at an elite tropical resort.  

Introducing The $4,000 Oakley Elite C Six Sunglasses

Oakley's Elite C Six, while more expensive and cooler than any other eyewear, are considered 'performance eyewear' as they use the same frame and optics features as other Oakley sport sunglasses. In fact, in 2009, during the last stage of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong wore an Elite C Six for the first time!

The Elite C Six weighs just 42 grams, including lenses - an incredible feat. They are almost completely hand-crafted from Carbon Fibre with a titanium spine, but are not bedazzled with diamonds or jewels. And according the experts at Oakley, each pair of the Elite C Six' requires 90 hours of skilled manpower, which rivals  the art of fine watchmaking.   Oakley is proud to announce the Elite C Six is handcrated to 0.002" precision. From a business perspective, there would be no way Oakley could even come close to breaking even, even at the $4,000 price tag. However, Oakley's endeavor regarding these sunglasses really had nothing to do with earning a profit. It was more about creating sunglasses with unmatched cutting-edge technology.

Oakley produced only 250 of the Elite C Six model, making them hard to find and really expensive. Their availability is even more limited when one considers their production ended about a decade ago. If you wanted to own an Oakley Elite C Six model  that was never previously owned, you would need a time-machine to return to 2009.

The most expensive Oakley sunglasses began as a cool concept -  to build cutting-edge eyewear unlike any that had been made before. But in the end, the Elite C Six has become a true investment, like a Vincent Van Gogh or a Model-T. And if there was one, the Oakley Elite C Six would have earned high honors at the Sunglasses Hall of Frame.