Everyone Loves a Limo

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. Oprah Winfrey

Whether you are going to your junior prom or a charity gala, there is no better way to travel than by limousine. There's a reason you feel like a rock star when you ride around in a stretch limousine. The stretch limo was actually originally invented in the late 1920's to transport large groups of musicians and entertainers. Since then, they have become more prevalent and are the number one way the wealthiest people choose to travel.

Of course, when you think of a limo, you picture a long black car with leather couches and a fridge inside. While this is the most popular version of the vehicle, it is far from the only style of limo available to rent (or even buy). Depending on how ostentatious you are, you can find the perfect limo for you from the gaudiest, bright yellow, Hummer limo to a simple town car. One thing is for sure, limos are not a conspicuous way for anyone to travel, regardless of the occasion. 

The Most Expensive Limousine in the World

If you're like me, you haven't ridden in a limousine since you and your friends scrounged up enough money between the eight of you to rent one for a few hours for a school dance. Like any other luxury item, there is no limit to the features available to you, whether you are renting one or looking to purchase one for ongoing use. This is never more obvious than when you look at the most expensive limousine in the world, the Sultan of Brunei's Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limo.

The Sultan of Brunei doesn't have to worry about taking the bus if his limo breaks down. He is among the richest people in the world and maybe the planet's most insatiable automobile collector. There are conflicting reports, but most estimate the vehicle's worth at around $14 million. It is the most expensive car in the Sultan's expansive 7000-vehicle fleet.

Here are some of the craziest facts about this world class limo

  1. The Sultan of Brunei's Limo is as Opulent as it Gets
  2. The car is completely plated in 24-carat gold. This is a car that would win over Donald Trump's presidential heart
  3. Brunei has some beautiful weather year-round, so what better way to experience that than with an open back in your limo? Of course, you wouldn't want the sun to get in your eyes, so there is an awning to shade the Sultan and his traveling party. The guy just can't be uncomfortable.
  4. On top of the insane extras in the design of this limousine, it's also a Rolls Royce, one of the most luxurious and elegant vehicles in the world.

Want one?

Next time you are scrounging up money with your friends to rent a limo for the school dance, throw the Sultan's ride out as an option. The car comfortably sits about 7, so you would only need $2 million per person to get use this car for your next night out.