A good pair of headsets can give you a pure and visceral audio experience of the best in recorded music. In most cases, an expensive headset can guarantee you sound quality that only exists in professional listening rooms with acoustic treated walls. While you can still get some heavy bang from the cheaper alternatives, nearly nothing can compare to the transcendent experience of a high-end pair of headsets.

The astronomical prices of the Sennheiser’s PC 373D pair of headset match the incredible audio quality, a noise-cancelling microphone, and a firm, comfortable build. Here is a drool-worthy guide on the three reasons why the PC 373D headsets will cost you $250. Although the price might sound outrageous to some users, PC 373D may be one of the coolest pieces gracing the audio technology in the world. So, kick your heels, grab em and dance to some breath-taking tunes.

Design and features

The design is pretty clear-cut with a matte black plastic and black velvet cushions along with a few red accents on its microphone. This design makes the headsets a bit inconspicuous in a market full of rangy designs with bright colors and flashing lights. In addition, the design makes the PC 373D headsets look like it is in its natural habitat whether you are using it in a music studio, at a workstation or lying next to a gaming PC.

Apart from the horizontal slats on the ear-cups, it has a small volume knob with the right cup and the non-removable boom microphone on its left side. The PC 373D connects via USB to a PC, and the path between the gadget and the computer has a dongle used for toggling the Dolby 7.1 surround sound mode. Moreover, with its audio adjustments muting the microphone is as simple as twirling the boom to an upright position. The headsets have a software program that gives you a quick access to EQ presets among other features through a small pop-up window.


There are only four non-adjustable equalizer options: Music, Games, eSport and the Off preset. The Music preset is for enhancing treble and base; the Game preset if for increasing bass; the eSport option is foe setting treble-heavy EQ, or you can also use the Off choice if you are not interested in any of the presets. Also, you can activate the mic’s noise reduction feature via the same quick-access program. In other words, the PC 373D allows you to enjoy viewing several sessions and quick gaming through its speedy adjustments.


If you are looking for a gaming experience, the PC 373D’s Game preset option will offer a nice balance of bass and bearable levels of treble. Furthermore, with the 7.1 Dolby preset activated, the nerve-racking orchestra of warfare will fill your ear cups without any distortions even when the volume is at its highest. The open ear-cup design of the PC 373D headsets, airflow is well-balanced for binge gaming comfort. If you like being tactical, then the strong surround sound feature will help you to identify the direction of chatty soldiers during quieter moments, and in the process avoid detection in your gaming. The experience is just out of this world.

Sennheiser has a reputation for designing great headphones and PC 373D is a practical example that is worth the money. The dynamic drivers of the PC 373D headsets produce heavy bass that is not only overpowering, but also proportionate instrumentation and clear vocals regardless of your favorite music genre. Meaning, you can listen to your EDM, original sound tracks and old school hip hop among other genres from the comfort of your home with the discreet design and breathable build.