Want to feel really important at work? Do you want to show off your status as Chief Operating Office or Super Duper Person Who Knows How To Do Everything Here the second people see you? Make others drool with envy? Demonstrate to the world that you're the Numero Uno head honcho? Then you need this desk! Nothing says to everyone else that you've made it. Of course you'll need some money first. A lot of money. Like nearly the cost of a whole house put your kid through college AND grad school money. But if you have the cash -- really have the cash -- this desk is for you. 

Three Things That Go Into This Desk

  • Custom Design
  • Beautiful Materials 
  • Spectacular Styling 

A Custom Fit

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a really expensive desk? It's probably the fit. If you're really short, you don't want to spend all your days reaching for things. If you're taller than LeBron James, you'd rather not spend your time banging your legs on the filing cabinet. The world's most expensive desk is made in accordance with your exact specifications. It's practically a hug from your bestie. Each area of the desk is designed specifically for your needs. If you want to have a place to store every piece of paper you've filled out since 1978, they will do it for you. Want a special place to put your dog while you work? Eat ice cream? A perch to look down on others who don't have the world's expensive desk? It's all yours! 

Those Materials

We bet your ordinary desk is made from ordinary desk materials. Maybe it's metal or even plastic. You might even have wood. But not like this wood. This wood is no mere group of sticks. The wood that goes into the world's most expensive desk is not only beautiful, elegant and stunning. It's also rare. Better yet, wood your neighbors have probably only see in pictures. The desk uses so very many types of wood in wonderful colors. If you love color, you can opt for deep black, rich, dark brown and sweetly warming shades of red. The most expensive desk in the world also has lots of other materials including chrome and glass. Glass so people can see you and you sit behind the world's most expensive desk. Chrome and brass because diamonds and sapphires are a wee bit ostentatious. 

True Style

The most expensive desk ever says another thing: style is your friend. Style is many things. It's a thought, a frame of mind and a way to see the world. Those who make the world's most expensive desk understand this. They want the desk to say many things including look my incredible desk that I bought because I have lots of money! They also want the desk to say style. This is why the sleek lines practically caress the eyes and invade the brain. For the right really high price, this modern desk can be all yours.