Ah, a new bundle of joy is going to be born in the near future and you are all set to be the best parent possible. Many parents tend to go a little overboard when it comes to spending money on their offspring, whether they are a newborn or a teen. How much is too much when it comes to providing for your child, however?

Even if you choose to start out with a bassinet or a bedside sleeper, every baby eventually needs a crib.

Here is a rundown on the specifics about the most expensive crib on the market today...in case you are willing to part with several thousand, or tens-of-thousands for a sleeping area only used for a few years.

Are you looking for a crib that will:

  • Wow all of your friends and family members?
  • Show off your great sense of style?
  • Cost more than your vehicle?

Then read on and see if this is the crib for you.

Let Your Baby Be A Prince Or Princess

The most expensive crib in the world is inspired by the well-known story of "Cinderella". The crib is constructed to appear like a pumpkin, set on top of a royal carriage. This enclosure may make you a bit wary about your baby getting claustrophobic as they will be encased inside of the large vegetable, however, the treasures that can be added inside will give them focal points to keep their interest at times they are not sleeping. The price tag for this extraordinary conversation piece is a mere $65,000. That is the starting price. With no frills attached.

Hand Constructed With Sturdy Materials

A fiberglass pumpkin with adorning wooden accompaniments may not seem like the best option when crib-hunting. This crib, however, is sure to grab attention from visitors and those viewing photographs of your bundle of joy on your social media sites. The crib is made in England and won't be crafted until your order has been received. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for at least six months to receive your product, so be sure to order promptly after learning there is indeed a little on the way. The pumpkin portion is adorned with wooden shelving to hold knickknacks. Even Cinderella's coach didn't have this feature. A wooden staircase is also present for your convenience. A pumpkin with steps, how intriguing. 

Prepare For Others To Be In Awe

The oval shape of this crib will require you to do a bit of preparation in determining where you will be positioning your baby's sleeping area. Hopefully you have plenty of room available. Since this extravagant crib is likely to be the focal point of your nursery, you don't want to cover any viewable area with dressers or shelves, making it a bit tricky for designing purposes. You will be likely to get a variety of comments about your baby's crib. The design is so out there, others may commend you on your choice or wonder why you wanted to part with so much cash. The choice is yours...this is the most expensive crib out there, and who doesn't want to give their baby the best?