While it is a constantly moving target, many consider the world's most expensive sofa to be one created by artist Ron Arad. It is valued at about $330,000 and currently resides in the Museum of Modern Art. It is not a piece that you can technically buy, but there are plenty of other gorgeous sofas available north of $100,000.

For the details, we turn to the always reliable 1stdibs website to take a gander at their current crop of design sofas that are stunningly worth their 6-figure price tags. This is a super cool site that offers resale items that are top-notch, to say the least. We can spend hours and hours poring through the quirky, gorgeous, and expensive items of significant provenance that are listed on the site. And, because it is a very active site, there is always something new to see!

The Most Expensive Couch That You Can Actually Buy

Sure, if you wanted to purchase something like the last sofa that Napolean sat on before heading out to Elba, the price could easily be in the seven-figure range, but let's take a look at actual sofas that we can put in our homes rather than museum-quality pieces. So, putting antiques and historical pieces to one side for a moment, let us consider:

  1. A sofa that one can sit on, rather than one that is a museum installation piece
  2. One that is available for purchase on the open market
  3. And bloody expensive. Thank you very much.

...and the Winner Is:

Mid-Century Modern of course! Who doesn't have an extra $120,000 rolling around their sofa cushions (see what we did there?) just waiting to be spent?

If you are an avid fan of the Mid-Century Modern design style, this pair of T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings cocktail couches are worth every penny of their $120,000 price tag.

Created in 1952 for Widdicomb and recently reupholstered in a neutral and nubby fabric from GreatPlains, this matching set of identical sofas is a dream. The recessed maple base gives the set the appearance of floating slightly above the floor, a sensation that just adds to the cloud-like ambiance that they create. If you are a design nut with a ridiculous furniture budget, why not make these sofas part of your redesign plan? 

The design, like all the best mid-century pieces, is absolutely timeless and the construction will also hold up. The new coverings are neutral enough to go with most any decor, while the fabric's rich texture provides both visual and tactile interest. The lack of a back and armrests takes this from a piece of furniture to a true statement piece that is gorgeous and also usable. We love the flow of the shape and its movement and find the overall effect something that reminds us of our childhood. The piece is currently on display at 1stdibs Soho showroom in Manhattan and we literally ran right down there to take a look and a seat. Pure bliss, is our verdict! 

We'll Take Two, Please!

Who wouldn't want these low-slung sofas in their living room or den? The gorgeous profile is stunning and the looks of complete envy that they will surely elicit from our smug hipster design junkie friends is worth the price alone!