Every year, home automation systems become more and more innovative and affordable. Unfortunately, many homeowners simply don't realize that the many smart devices available on today's market have the potential to add comfort and convenience. In fact, these smart devices can also help fulfill the security needs of most homeowners. Smart lighting is one example of a home automation technology that can benefit homeowners substantially. Smart lighting is not just about turning on all the outdoor lights in the evening. Not only is installing smart lighting a good move for everyday convenience, but it is also a great idea when it comes to safety. Here are five ways that smart lighting can increase your home security.

1. Smart Lighting Prevents Theft

One of the advantages of smart lighting is that it prevents theft. If you have a lighting control system in your home, you will be able to set rules that will determine how the lighting works around your home. For example, you can set a rule that ensures your porch light will remain on in the evening. In some cases, you may even be able to set a rule that says the porch light will get even brighter if an individual approaches. Responsive lights help deter people from trespassing. This is because the responsive lights will make the person more afraid to be seen by you or other people in the neighborhood. Whether you're at home or not, responsive lights are a great way to prevent theft. You can even get outdoor lights that have security cameras built in, like these from Ring.

2. Personal Safety

Not only does smart lighting prevent theft, but they also offer a significant amount of personal safety. When you pull up in your driveway, you can have the outdoor lights illuminate. That way, you will be more aware of the people and objects in your surroundings. You won't have to worry about running over a bicycle that your children left in the driveway or even tripping on a bump in the sidewalk.

3. Fire Protection

Many homeowners would be happy to leave the lights outside their home on all night. However, this can be a fire hazard. Fortunately, you can take advantage of the options offered by a lighting control system to protect your home from fire. Some of these options include intensity and brightness. Also, many smart lights employ the use of LED lights which use less energy and don't burn as hot.

4. Intruder Alert

Not only will responsive lighting help deter intruders, but it will also you become aware of their presence. Some lighting control systems will make it so that a light will turn or get brighter when an individual approach. This warning will allow you the time to check out the situation and call the police, if necessary.

5. Interior Lighting

Believe it or not, interior lighting is just as important as outdoor lighting when it comes to home security. For example, if you're on vacation, you can set the lights in your home to turn on at certain times of the day to make it look as if someone is at home. That way, you don't have to worry about coming back home to a burglarized house after having the time of your life on vacation. Smart lights like the Philips Hue lights can create all sorts of rules, they can even simulate the lighting of a TV to make it look like someone is home Undoubtedly, smart lighting is the future when it comes to homeowners feeling safe and secure in their homes. For more information about how smart lighting can increase your home security, don't hesitate to contact us.